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Newcastle Art Gallery

May 26

About Newcastle Art Gallery

The Newcastle Art Gallery is one of Australia's finest public collections, with over 7k works to boast about. With such a vast range and high quality, it makes this place something special for all who visit or live in the city!

The City of Newcastle, through its art gallery owns and operates an ever-changing range of exhibitions for the local community as well as visitors from all around Australia. The collection continues to grow due in part to donations made by individuals who support this fine institution or companies such as banks who have done great work with their philanthropy over recent years and also providing assistance when needed most during economic times which allowed us at NAGS actually Loanswomanship services portfolio company


What to do in Newcastle Art Gallery

The NewcastleArtGallery's collection is a comprehensive look at Australian Art from colonial times to the present. The Gallery holds important Indigenous bark and poles as well as paintings by indigenous artists, which are on display in their own specially curated space within this larger venue! There’s also works-in-progress pieces for you inspire your next creative endeavor or just take note of what might be inspiring others around town - we have something here that will suit everyone's tastes.

The gallery's exhibition program features a diverse and changing selection of 20 local, national and international exhibitions each year. 90% are curated in-house with the other 10 percent coming from public or private collections to be presented on site alongside major touring shows that visit town too!


One local company in Newcastle that is involved in this tourist attraction

Name: Flooring Newcastle ENT

Address: 76 Awabakal Drive, Fletcher NSW 2287

Telephone: (02) 4003 6400