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Newport Tower is being converted into an apartment that is accessible to office space

Aug 13

Newport Residence condo will be the first executive condominium development in the town that was recently established within forest within the Tengah Garden District. The development is situated within The Tengah Garden Walk within District 24. The property comprises 22.020 acres. It is a area of 61.659 sq meters. The site that Newport Residences is located was highly contested during the auction which ended at the end of May in 2021. The most sought-after bidder came from Taurus Properties (SG) Pte. Ltd. A joint venture comprised of CDL together with MCL was selected as the winner of the highest price offered of $400.32 million, which is equivalent to $603 for every square foot of property.

Newport Residences is according to an analyst that the project is anticipated to cost between $190 to 1,250 USD per square foot in line with the site located in Jurong Innovation District. Jurong Innovation District Jurong Innovation District and the brand new MRT stations within the Jurong Innovation District. Newport Residences EC was designed by developers CDL and MCL is anticipated to developer around 600 housing units. They will be located within a sprawling landscape that was designed to blend in with the natural landscape that is part of the Jurong Innovation District.

Newport Residences will comprise twelve towers, each with fourteen stories. They will be home up to three or five bedroom homes. This is ideal for families with a lot of needs. Additionally, the area offers a variety of services in the area. Newport Residences EC which will also be accessible within the coming months. Residents will be able to access to use a polyclinic as well as the community center which serves as an interchange for buses as well as the sports center and more. As it's a new established district, the region is located close to the Shuqun Primary School, which is the sole school within the district. It also is home to Princess Elizabeth Elementary School. Twelve parcels are planned to provide education for the residents of the district.

The very first Executive condominium in the five being planned to be built for The Tengah Garden District, Newport Residences is a desirable project that a lot of people are looking to purchase.

Newport Residences is the modern and modern integrated project that was initially created in the shape that of Fuji Xerox Towers, by the famous developer City Developments. City Developments (CDL ). The planned development will comprise apartments, offices, and homes that are connected to retail and office spaces. The development is expected to be a mixed-use project with an average of 46 levels. When the authorities' approval is given and given, the expectations are to have forty% will be set aside for retail and office use in addition to the 25% spaces will be allocated for residential purposes and the additional% which will be allocated to accommodate residents. The development will have 250 apartments which are available for sale.

Newport Tower is situated in the 80 Anson Road, surrounded by four roads. This comprises four roads that comprise Tanjong Pagar Road, Bernam Street, Keppel Road and Anson Road.

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As per the plan, Newport Tower is being built to be converted into an apartment that is accessible to office space, as well as residential as well as retail spaces. The units currently being rented out at The Fuji Xerox Towers have been taken away on the first day of July in 2021. The Group is planning to demolish the structure before commencing the construction process for creating the development.

For resolving transportation or traffic problems, Newport Tower (formerly Fuji Xerox Towers) is easy to reach by The Tanjong Pagar MRT station as well as a variety of bus stops within the area around The tower. In addition, MRT stations that are in the vicinity are Downtown MRT station Telok Ayer MRT station as well as Raffles Station of the MRT. The property is situated in Singapore's most exclusive blend of historical and cultural structures. The brand-new property is located in Tanjong Pagar, the first property located in Singapore that is part of the Singapore's National Conservation Strategy.

Newport Tower is located close to three MRT stations. They are in three train lines. They offer easy access to central Singapore's Downtown Core Downtown Core, Downtown Core Downtown Core, Downtown Core Downtown Core, Downtown Core, the CBD Downtown Core, Downtown Core and any other location that require direct transport from Singapore.


The central point of the well-known Tanjong Pagar, Newport Tower is located within 1-1.5 km of schools that are of good in standing. There are schools like Cantonment Primary School, Outram Secondary School, Catholic Junior College.


Any time, Tanjong Pagar satisfies many needs. The enclave is not only an important step on the right direction however, it also sets the bar for culture. There's an amusement park, with entertaining parks. There are sidewalk cafesas well as being restaurants serving fine food on the roofs of food courts at shopping malls boutiques, boutiques, and boutiques in markets and bars and theatres within markets and malls, that include outdoor performances as well as gardens or haunts, that differ from other areas within urban areas. Imagine that all this is happening in your own backyard.

CDL said that they'd presented the idea to Urban Redevelopment Authority to redevelop the office building that is home to 38 levels Fuji Xerox Tower into the new development, which is dubbed Newport Residences. The concept is similar to the plans to build seven floors of office space along with the mall for retail Central Mall situated on Havelock Road. The two properties could be perfect for a larger size of the land as a the result of incentives offered by authorities.

The well-known that CDL plans to increase the growth rate of its commercial buildings , which are old and situated in the business central district of Singapore because of the spreading of COVID-19. This is having an adverse impact on the profit of the business in its initial six months of first month of calendar's initial half, and at the start of the annual calendar.

Based on the most up-to-date information that is available, Newport Tower (formerly Fuji Xerox Towers) is built as mixed-use residential, commercial residential, serviced and residential building with 46 floors and 650,000 square feet. The new structure is 25% bigger than the previous structure in GFA as compared to the building for offices located on its site.