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Carpet Repair Service In Cincinnati Ohio & Northern Kentucky

Jan 11

Compass Carpet Repair & Cleaning
Servicing Cincinnati Ohio & Northern Kentucky

Professional Carpet Repairs, Carpet Stretching / Installation & Carpet Cleaning

Damaged carpet can be extremely frustrating!
Imagine walking into a room and seeing pet damage right at the doorway
from a cat or dog left in the room. Or after a few years of having carpet installed
to start seeing ripples or waves throughout your home.

But it doesn't have to be frustrating!

You just found a company that can fix all these problems for you.
At Compass Carpet Repair and Cleaning we can repair different types of carpet damaged areas
and also restretch loose carpet and get it stretched the way it should have been installed.
We also specialize in new carpet installation with years of experience installing carpet.
Need carpet cleaning done as well? We offer that service too if you'd like carpet cleaned after repairing.
We service the many communities of Cincinnati Ohio and the Northern Kentucky area
and are ready to take on your carpet repair or cleaning job.

Give us a call or email us today to set up an appointment or get an estimate for the work you need done.
(859) 777-6644
[email protected]


Family Owned & Operated

All work is completed by the owner so you never have to worry about work being subcontracted out or someone else coming to your home. You can have peace of mind knowing once you call us it will be the same company coming out to take care of your work.


Reasonable Rates

We price our work fair and reasonable so you get the quality work you deserve at a price you can afford. We don't upcharge or change our prices, once we give you an estimate that is the price we honor.


Quality Service You Can Trust

With years of experience on hundreds of different jobs, we have the knowledge and skill to handle many different types of repairs and installation jobs. We don't take shortcuts and believe in doing our best on every job to give you the best quality job we can.

Our Services

Here are a few of the different services we offer.
Whether you need to fix a whole in your carpet from pets, burns, or bleach etc.
Or you need carpet restretched in a few rooms or your entire home.
Or if you just want to replace all your carpet or have it simply cleaned,
we can help you get your job done to your satisfaction.

Pet Damaged Carpet Repairs & Fixing Holes In Carpet


This is one of the most common carpet repairs we do.
Most of our customers have cats that are accidentally left in a bedroom,
and when that cat wants out it will scratch at the carpet near the doorway.

On the other hand some have dogs that can be startled easily by loud noises
and will dig at the carpet near a doorway making for a much larger repair.
Whatever the case, these areas can be fixed in one visit.

The easiest way to get an exact cost for a carpet repair like this is to
email a picture of the damaged area to
- [email protected] -
or text a picture of the area to (859) 777-6644.

The next question on getting an exact price is to know
if you have left over carpet pieces from the original installation.
If not there is still hope.
Depending on the size of your repair, we can take a small piece from a closet
to do the repairs for a perfect match, and then install a different piece in the closet.
The piece installed in the closet may be a close match but most often will be different.
If you'd like an exact match, we can recommend a carpet store
where you can try to find a closer match before we schedule you for the repair,
but we do not go out and find the carpet for you.

If you have a larger area that is damaged and would like to replace the entire closet,
We can also do that at the time of the repair.

So now you can understand how the price may change
depending on the things mentioned above.
The price depends on the following:
- What type of carpet are we working with?
- How large is the area that's damaged?
- Is there extra carpet to do the repair with?
- Will some or all of a closet area need to be replaced?
- Is there padding underneath that's also damaged?

Also please keep in mind that the older the carpet is the more it can be worn out,
which will result in a more noticeable repair because the donor piece of carpet will be new.
If you have any questions feel free to email, call or text for more help and information.

Carpet Re Stretching & Fixing Loose Carpet


Carpet re stretching can either be an easy project or a horrible nightmare
depending on the layout of the home and if there is furniture involved.
It can also make the difference between having a $200 re stretch job
and having that turn into a $400 re stretch job.

The fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to have carpet stretched
is to have the rooms completely empty of furniture before we arrive.
Now we understand this isn't always possible,
especially with senior citizens which make up most of our re stretch jobs.

Because of this, there are ways to stretch carpet with furniture still in the room.
Furniture can be put on sliders and moved throughout the room
while we are stretching so it never has to be broken down or moved out of the room.
This does cost extra because it takes more time and effort to re stretch the area.

If the carpet was not power stretched and installed properly
it will not be tight and will start to expand, pushing towards the walls.
When it no longer has anywhere to go it will start to bubble
and waves or ripples will start to show in areas of your home.

This is mostly noticed after getting the carpets steam cleaned for the first time
since the excess moisture will expand the carpet causing this process to speed up.

Not only is this extremely disappointing because now it has to get re stretched,
but your warranty has expired and you will have to pay the same company to fix it!
If they installed it poorly the first time, do you honestly think that company will
use the correct tools and methods to re stretch it the second time around?

The way we re stretch carpet is once the room is empty,
we pull the carpet off the tack strip around the room that holds the carpet.
Then we set up a power stretcher that extends across the room with poles.
This tool uses leverage to grip into the carpet and when you push the lever down
it pulls the carpet across the room, kind of like putting a bed sheet on your mattress.

After stretching the carpet we connect it back onto the tack strip,
trim the excess carpet we stretched, and tuck the carpet back in to finish.
We can get anywhere from half an inch to 3 inches depending on the carpet.
Then we vacuum the area and move furniture back if needed.

This process is the way it should have been done in the first place,
and will greatly improve the life of your carpet.

Carpet Installation - New Carpet Or Water Damage Repairs


The first step on getting your carpet installation job started
is to call us or email us to schedule a day and time for us to
come out and measure the carpet in your home.

We come out and measure your home to let you know exactly how much carpet
and padding material will be needed for your home.
Even though we wish it was as simple as measuring room by room it is not.
Carpet is 12 feet wide and must be measured correctly to account for seams.

We remove old carpet and padding and check for any damaged tack strips
before bringing in the new padding and carpet for installation.
Furniture moving is an additional cost but can be discussed at the time of the estimate.

We also can re install carpet and padding after a water damage if you need that service.
After the area is fully dry we can install new padding and stretch the carpet back into
place to get your home back to the way it was before the water damage happened.

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Services


Low moisture carpet cleaning or 'dry cleaning' is a service we also offer.
After getting your carpet repaired or re stretched we can then clean the areas
at the same appointment to really bring your carpet back to life.

There are benefits to having your carpets cleaned with low moisture,
or what most people consider 'dry cleaning'.
Low moisture carpet cleaning uses bonnets to transfer the soil and bacteria onto pads
and is still a very effective way to clean carpet.
This process only uses water during the pre treatment step
so the dry times will be much faster than steam cleaning.
This method is great if you want your carpet dry in less than two hours
compared to 4-12 hours or more if you have them steam cleaned.

Contact Us Today

If you have any questions or would like to get an estimate started,
you can email us at C[email protected] or call / text us at (859) 777-6644